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Thoughts on Trump & Russia

It’s been roughly 2 years since the presidential election, and people are still captivated by the thought that Russia hacked it.

I admit that it’s a creative thought, But I personally dont believe it happened. Russians are smart people, but to hack the presidential election is impossible unless the CIA is involved in hacking it.

You see if President Trump had it hacked with Russia they would need some moles in the CIA, one of them would have had to be James Comey as he was at the time the Director of the CIA. So if it happened Comey would have HAD to have helped, and if he helped he would be an idiot to leave right after, leaving an open investigation with him in it, then writing a book addressing it.

So no. No one hacked the election. If it was hacked the CIA would have known, and they would have delayed the election. Then they would have questioned Hillary, and Trump, and Trump would be behind bars, or in Russia. Wherever he would be Comey would be with him, and Hillary by default would have been made president.


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