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Why abortion should be illegal

There are 125 abortions an hour, 3,000 a day, and over a million every year in America. 40-50 million worldwide every year.

An abortion is when a baby is terminated. There are various reasons why some people get abortions, but are any of them good enough to end a life? So many people say it’s about women’s rights, and believe me I get that. Though women’s rights doesnt give them the option to kill someone.

When a baby is aborted and after 4 weeks old they cut the spleen after pulling it out, because if they dont the baby screams, and cries because of the pain. When they are inside there mother who is supposed to keep them safe they’re jumping, and playing, and cant wait to see her. Then there killed tools ,and or drugs.

So this isnt a question of women’s rights, but whether or not you have a soul. Just because they are small doesnt mean they aren’t human. Do you want them to be brutally killed? Look at this picture, and answer that question to yourself.

There are times a women is raped, or there are incest babies. If a women doesn’t want her baby she can just as easily give it up for adoption. Give you baby a chance at life.

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