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3 Reasons why the Clinton’s will be forgotten after they die

They are currently one of the most powerful political families in America. But listed below are 3 reasons why they will certainly be forgotten

1. They have ruined some people to get to where they are. But some people they have tried to ruin, and have failed. Likely at least 1 of the people they unsuccessfully tried to ruin will outlive them and attack when they cant defend. And politicians can be ruthless. They might succeed ruining the Clinton’s name.

When their name is ruined, and the Clinton’s aren’t there to defend themselves the Democrats wont defend for them. The Democrats will cut all ties, and erase them as good as they can.

2. In the end the Democrats will most likely denounce the Clinton’s for something they did or were rumored to have done.

I personally believe that the Clinton’s have done illegal things, like embezzlement from their old company that helped with haiti, and built mansions. And if they did or did anything else illegal it will come out after they die or before that. If it comes out they will be denounced and forgotten by the Democrats.

Yet it may not be denounced by the Republicans, but used for insults, and to make examples out of the Democrats. But in the end they will most likely be forgotten.

3. Hillary is said to have done all these great things for women. But if you ask 90% of people who say that what she did they cant give you an accurate response.

After she dies and people look back on all the things she did for women to use to honor her. They’ll find out that she has done very little. She’ll be branded a liar and forgotten over time.

Then there’s Bill Clinton. The Democrats dont say so, but they want him gone already. If it wasnt for Hillary he wouldn’t ever be seen at any Democrat events. If you dont remember he had a famous affair, that was blasted all over tv that lead to his impeachment.

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