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Why the Democrats dignity is dead

Dignity is the state of being worthy of respect or honor. 2 things the Democrats haven’t had for a long time.

When you were 5 years old you most likely were not respected. 5 year olds throw fits, cry, and complain. With so many 5 year olds nothing is ever enough. That’s how the Democrats are.

Democrats always protest Republicans, and complain with what they say and do. I’ve never really seen a Republican Protest on the Democrats Laws or President. When Obama was elected were the Republicans Happy, No they hated it, but they never organized protests.

Trump is a president that can be stupid, so was Obama, even George Washington made some mistakes. And with each mistake Trump makes it goes on liberal media, and is blown way out of proportion.

This is why the Democrats Dignity is long gone. They never respectfully disagree, they cry and whine. They constantly attack Republicans in everything, but the Republicans usually accept what they’ve done, and if was really bad they apologize. Yet if the Democrats fuck up they dont admit it they try to cover it up.

In the title I say their dignity is “dead” because at one point and time it was alive. The Democrats have gone down hill, but they can go back up if they learn to accept they aren’t always 100% correct, and that a protest doesn’t solve everything, or that not everyones voice can be heard. To have you voice heard you need dignity, respect, and compassion. You do not need 1,000 protesters yelling, kicking, and screaming.

Trump is our president, and Democrats should not try to bring him down. If they truly care for our country they should try to build him up. They should admit they lost the election, and help Trump. This doesnt mean they should do what he says or believe all he says. They just need to be more peaceful, and open-minded to more ideas. If this were to happen the Democrats would have more credibility, and more followers.


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