How Democracy Lost Its Freedom

Democracy is when a government is ruled by the people. A Democracy is freedom of the people. But us people have lost that freedom to democracy.

Very recently kanye west said that 400 years of black slavery was a choice. Now while I dont believe this I do believe we are currently enslaved in politics, and our current slavery is a choice.

We are enslaved through major celebrities, websites, videos, and social media that tell us how we should vote, and what we should believe. And if we dont believe or practice what they say we should, you can get excluded, and made fun of.

If your thinking that listening and doing these things is a choice and isnt a form of slavery think again. Because if you dont do what the media tells you to you get horrible treatment, and eventually you give up and succumb.

In all reality we should not give major pop stars, and famous People credibility and political power. Most song writers, and singers write genius lyrics, but themselves are idiots. They do all of what they do for money.

To fix this situation and gain back our political rights we need to get rid of things or people that forcibly change your mind. We need to get rid of famous peoples voice in politics. Remember just because they fascinate you on tv or in music does not mean they are smart.

We can revive it, it will take time but it can be done. If Americans learn character judgement, and who they should and should not listen to.

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