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How Democrats and Republicans Strengthen each other

Democrats and Republicans. 2 very separate political parties. They fight constantly, yet endorse each other unknowingly.

The Democrats endorse Gay marriage, gun control, and free borders. The Republicans endorse traditional marriage, gun rights, and secure boarders.

There are more Democrats than ever, and that’s because in today’s society kids rebel. You see most Democrats are 30, or 40, or 50 years old, and were raised to hate Gays, and love guns. But they rebelled and did the opposite of what they were told to believe, and do.

So if this follows the next generation of kids raised to love gays, and hate guns, will start hating gays, and loving guns.

So because this generation is all Democrats their kids will rebel and become Republicans, and vice-versa. Now you would think kids believe what there told and listen to what their parents say, but no.

So in the end in 1 or 2 generations if a female president hasn’t yet been elected people will be over the idea and rebelling against a women president. And that’s a shame I think a women would make a fine president, but if it doesn’t happen soon it may not happen for a longer period of time or may never happen.

(But just because I say a women can be president dont twist my words and believe that I believe the election was hacked. Donald trump was elected with no Russian disturbances.)

The current youngest generation is generation Z. They will probably be the first ones to rebel and become Republicans. But they won’t be full Republican just partial. The next 1 or 2 generations will be the extremely right-wing ones.

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