Why the Republicans need to man up Like Trump

The Republicans frankly are acting like little bitches, and that’s the democrats job They weren’t once but now they are. Below are reasons why they can man up, and instructions how

I’m no Democrat, I’m also no Republican. That’s why I started this group to be a standing place for both parties. But the Republicans need a little extra help, because they have become weak. They let the Democrats walk all over them, they always lose debates, and popular votes, and not to mention they are currently losing millennials a key group to the Democrats.

How they can man up is easy. They just simply need to not let Democrats walk all over them. The Democrats appeal because they protest, maybe the Republicans should occasionally protest. Not as much as the Democrats, but a respectable amount. The Republicans should also be more lenient in some areas to get the popular vote.

Honestly I believe the popular voters have way to much power. The celebrities and all of them have to much power and control over kids. That will most likely never change though so they could use to to there advantage.

Reasons for them to become more controlling are almost endless. Reasons like getting more kids interested in their party, more money from donations, more popular votes, more power in government, more respect, and many more reasons.

Whether or not they change is up to them, but if you ask me we need about a million more people like Donald Trump for the Republicans. People like him are the only ones that can assure that parties future.

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