What Really is the Freedom of Speech

When this country was founded we were given many freedoms, but one of the most profound was Freedom of speech. Have you ever wondered what we were meant to use it for.

Our ancestors were oppressed, and came from England where they had very little freedom if they weren’t rich. One freedom they didn’t have was freedom of Religion. They were all Christians who wanted to have a place where they could praise God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit without getting the death penalty, or living in fear.

After they found out about the New World got on the Mayflower came over to what would be America someday. And in 1620 they got to the New World, and started a settlement where they had these freedoms they were unable to have in england.

But what we’ve used these freedoms for goes against what they wanted them to be used for. The most corrupted misused freedom is the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the right to express opinions without censorship or restraint. What we were meant to use this for was to debate others, practice our religions verbally, and freedom of the press.

Freedom of the press allowed them to say anything to a wide Audience, no matter how untrue it is. And our press has misused that freedom. They dont say what they should they say what they can. They lie and ruin people’s lives just so that they can have a slightly bigger audience, and a paycheck.

Then there’s freedom to practice our religion verbally, and that’s all fucked up. They meant real religions now anyone can create any group with fucked up views call it a religion and be untouchable. They meant religions like Christianity. They wouldn’t have wanted muslims here in this country expressing their hateful views. They wouldn’t have wanted many religions here, and they didnt ever consider they’d exist. They kind of thought we Americans would keep our morals, and sanity.

And when they gave us the freedom to protest and debate this was supposed to be used to debate any oppression that might have come in the future, but today what people say is oppressive isnt really oppressive. People today are to stupid, without common-sense, and soft. They get offended about everything like 6 or 7 year olds and “Protest” but what their really doing is whining, and bitching.

We need to get back to our old morals, and most people when they here that get offended. They think that means we need slavery again. They think make America great again means to make it White again. So many of them are so stupid. Will it ever be fixed, maybe not. In all reality this country’s future is in the hands of the millennials. How well do you think they’ll run a country?