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Imprisonments that the average American Enjoys

Some Americans like being in a prison. Not the law kind, but the social, and the trending kind.

Imprisonment is the state of being in captivity, captivity is the state of being confined. An here in America there are invisible barriers that we are confined in, and many people call what’s inside these barriers “Trends”.

If you wonder why, and how I get from imprisonment to trends just think. If your not into current trends your in a social imprisonment, if you are into current trends your in a trending imprisonment.

And Americans like it. Some like social prison so they can be confined and escape people, some like trend imprisonment because it makes them feel good and original. In social prison you lose rights like friends you’ll regret someday, in trend imprisonment you lose creativity and get dumber.

It’s a conundrum. We need to break these people out of prison. This can only be done if we work as a nation. The only way to get to the prison doors is to break down the trending wall. This will never happen though. Maybe in a more advanced future.

Ending trends would end so many suicides, would get cast out kids in, would bring down egos of some kids making them kinder, and when they get kinder the world gets kinder. So many problems would end. And I bet you cant give me 1 good reasons in the comment section below why this is a bad idea.

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