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Liberal Logic

Below are lines of liberal logic, see if you can guess how crazy they are. Rate the craziest one in the comments section.

The Liberal Says

1. If we ban guns all crime will stop. (In reality that means more crime will happen, if cops have no guns and criminals get them illegally that equals more dead cops, more grieving family’s, Americas defeat, and more crime)

2. Every city should have places that give addicts free needles to prevent diseases. (If we do this like nationwide we will be ruined, look at the big cities that did do this. More crime, more junkies, more drugs in kids, more fees for the state, more state fees less into schools, our kids education is more important than saving a junkies life)

3. We should let immigrants in, after all immigrants started this country. (By the time the U.S was founded was when we got independence we had been living here for 169 years already. We weren’t founded by immigrants we were discovered by immigrants)

4. Anyone can buy an automatic gun we need to ban them its dangerous. We also need to get rid of semiautomatic guns they are just as bad(Sorry. Wrong again. Actually automatic guns are almost impossible to get and you go through at least 1 year of backround checks sometimes over 5 years. And semiautomatic guns are basically every gun ever that isnt a rifle or shotgun. It’s a gun that releases a bullet each time the trigger is pulled… Oh the horror)

5. Pitbulls are dangerous animals that should be illegal. (Anyone can train any dog to be bad. Pitbulls are most often used sadly, but rather than blame the owner liberals blame the dog. That’s the same as blaming a starving orphan and saying “they started themselves it’s their feeble nature” in all reality they are goofy, loving, caring dogs, that are also very protective.)


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