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Millennials: Future World Leaders

Look out your window. Take a walk on the street. Drive in your car. I bet you’ll see a millennial. The average millenial is 20-35. That means in 5 years some will be in government. In 20 years they will control a vast part of our government.

Look at a millennial. They expect a lot, so many of them are entitled. They always think their right. They are perfect Politician material. They even lie and make promises they never keep, just like ALL politicians.

But so many of them have far left liberal views. That’s not bad in some cases. But 2/3 of millennials dont bave a bachelors degree. A lot of them have 2 years, but without 4 years that basically useless.

Their way to radical. They are either crazily left or insanely right. But the crazily left are more common. And they through fits consistently. With them in the white house the government will be constantly shutting down.

There will always be disagreements, but when they disagree they can say “alright let’s just move on to the next issue” they think their always right, they wont get much done.

They arent open to the idea that some things have to cost money so many of them want free college, free healthcare, and free anything else they can get.

So we need to invest our money in reaching millennials. We need to teach them alternate views. Teach them manners, and kindness. We need to set up a presentation that goes through the pros and cons of every political situation, the new to the old situations, and the liberal to the Republican. Each week we need to do this. If you go to go to the bottom and donate. With that money we will give 10% to the WWF and spend the rest on research and ways to reach millennials telling them all sides of the spectrum. We will help get this done, and possibly make the U.S a little better and more understanding of the truth.

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