How to Use Culture against an enemy

Culture is a sheild. Its is a weapon. It is also a weakness.

Culture shields you with what good it has done. You can use that good as a personal weapon, and take happiness not pride in it.

But what bad it has done is a weakness. People can use this against you. Below I will teach you how to use culture as a power against enemies, but as a sheild to yourself.

Using it a weapon to break the sheild

Any weapon strong enough can break a sheild. Luckily for you many dont use culture as a sheild as much as they used to.

We have all taken pride in our ancestry once, or twice. Pride Is when you are proud of something to the point where you think you come above others. It weakens you when you belive you are the best, you do not improve to the extent you could. Even the best need to advance because of you dont at all, or not fast enough you will be defeated. Be happy not proud, it lasts longer, and is more efficient.

Absent. That’s the word I would use to describe people of their cultures. They know nothing about their own walls. But if WE know about their walls we can bring them down. So we must learn their ancestry, and use the bad against them. They will most likely react in a way that shows no caring, no sadness. We hide sadness, we hide caring, at least when it comes to heritage.

Believe me if you strike 5+ times they will appear undamaged. It will be a latent disease of the soul. It will lie dormant in their soul, it will trick their soul, THEN it will ATTACK their soul, consciousness, and sanity.

If it worked they will most definitely try to attack you back with the same strategy. Read on to be prepared.

Strengthening your Sheild

This is very simple. Look into your ancestry learn to good, and the bad. But learn to reason for the bad. Dont justify it, but maybe they did a massacre or something like that because their enemy wiped out their fields. With every bad thing a good, or seemingly good reason is behind it.

Learn your enemy’s culture. They will copy your moves now. The kids copy the parents. The students copy the teachers. Those smaller copy those bigger. And after an attack they will see you as one of 3 things bigger, equal, smaller.

If your seen as bigger they are now your pawn, and will copy you. To know if they see you as bigger as I just said they’ll copy you, and learn their sheild.

If they see you as an equal they will not copy you. This is your best weapon. Because the best weapon is one you can keep using. They most likely won’t learn their sheild. And will again be subject to defeat. If they see you as an equal they will either make friends with you, or attack you.

Or they see you as smaller. They see you as inferior. They will probably avoid you as they see you as no threat. Some would take this as a loss. But now they don’t see you coming. You cant re-use this weapon. While your opponent may or may not be a bully our Defining a bully and learning to beat them will help. Just click that link.

Now you have learned. How to strengthen your walls, sheild, learn your culture the good, and the bad. And how to weaken your enemy’s walls, and sheild.


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