The Anonymous Movement: Yes, or No?

Anonymous is an internet hacktivists group. They have done good, and bad. Now ask yourself the question “should I support them?”.

Anonymous has no leader. They are a collective group of people with a goal. All they want to do is reach that goal with 3 rules.

  1. Don’t reveal your identity.
  2. Don’t attack the media.
  3. Don’t talk about the group.

While they are described as “cyber terrorists” they have done some good. Good things like taking down a child porn site, and starting project chanology. They also stand for internet anonymity.

But every group has a bad side. But their bad is much more rare than their good. The bad side includes them hacking ENTIRE governments. You cant blame them though… they hack these governments for what they perceive to be “Good Reasons”.Below is a chart to show how much of a member you are of anonymous. Also called “Anons” we track your status by the percentage of what you believe is good about “Anons”

  • 90-100% you are an Anon
  • 50-90% you are semi-Anon
  • 40-50% you are somewhat-Anon
  • 10-25% you are against them. If you dont believe at least 40% of what is said you can say you aren’t, But in all reality. Your against them.

I believe in the vast majority of what anonymous stands for. So you can call me an Anon. There are some things I dont like I admit, but there are Tons of things I love about it. Now if you believe in what is stood for repeat after me.

We Are Anonymous .

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Expect Us.

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