An Opinion on Shotgun Weddings and Wedlock

A shotgun wedding is when a young girl gets pregnant, to avoid embarrassment, wedlock, or just because, the bride Marries her baby’s dad.

Back in the old days shotgun weddings were more to avoid embarrassment than any other reason. They justified it by claiming it was for religious reasons. If it was for religious reasons why did the fathers sometimes have to threaten the soon-to-be husbands with a shotgun.

Our thoughts are mixed. There are some things to look at in a biblical way, some in a factual way, some in both.

Biblically you should not have sex until marriage. But if that sin results in birth it does not mean that that birth is a sin. It’s the parents mistake of the child is born out of wedlock, unless the women was raped or the man didn’t know, even then it’s one of the parents faults. But should a baby conceived out of rape have married parents, it’s up to you on what happens.

Abortion is a bigger sin than wedlock, don’t abort it’s never the correct answer. Babies born out of wedlock won’t go to hell. All kids are born innocent, no matter how they came to be.

The sin that’s smaller than abortion, and bigger than wedlock is divorce. Sometimes you should not marry God the simple reason that a baby born out of wedlock is not a sin for the baby, but a divorce is a sin. So if you get married to avoid wedlock then get divorced you have sinned. If you just have a child in wedlock you yourself have sinned not the baby, but you can make it better by avoiding sex, and finding a good future husband for the baby.

So in our thoughts on shotgun weddings, and wedlock the answer is, your baby wont go to hell if its conceived this way it’s your sin only get married if you think it will last. If you want to get married but one person doesnt want to wait. They’ll comeback eventually. Maybe many years later, but it will happen.

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