The Mexico-US Border.

Learn to unbiased truth about the boarder issue, and all that it has to offer by reading down below.

The Mexico-US wall barrier aimed to preventing illegal crossing from Mexico into the United States. The barrier is series of wall and fences. The walls are full of cameras and sensors. American President Donald Trump said “This is a bill of love” adding “It also has to be a bill where we are able to secure our border”. He also stated the fact Drugs are pouring into our countries from Mexico.

How much Mexico-US wall coast?

The US president said that it wants $18bn over the next decades for the initial phase of the boarder wall. The $18bn would go towards 316 miles of new fencing and fortifying another 400 miles of existing obstructions, this drift is assessed by US custom and Border Protection. Donald Trump claimed “Mexico will pay for the wall, I have very good relationship with Mexico” but can he get them to pay 18bn, after all they can barely go without the excess $320 million we give them every year.

USA Administration’s Separation of Families at the border

The US government separating families, who seeks refuge in US by crossing the border illegally.

Dozens of parents are being split from their children each day and sent to government custody, because they broke the law. We have made it very clear to immigrants it’s illegal to cross the border. But they keep coming, we dont even let american criminals see their kids, why should we let them.

There was an estimated 2,700 children separated from their parents between October 1,2017 and May 31,2018.

How is Government separating families at the border?

To be clear, there is no official Trump strategy expressing that each family entering the US without papers must be isolated. What there is an arrangement that all grown-ups found intersection into the US wrongfully should be criminally indicted — and when that happens to a parent, division is unavoidable, and just the right thing to do.

Has the USA always done this?

Yes. Since obama actually. He was the first president to start taking immigrant children. But when he did it the Democrats avoided the subject, now that trump does the same thing their all about it.

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