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Democrats the Dogs Sinking their Teeth into America, and How they do it

I have some liberal views. But very few. But while I may have few the liberals are injecting tons into young kids minds. And ruing America.

I like to get to the point, and let you know what I’m talking about before I start, and all I have to say is… They use celebrities.

Celebrities are those people that can be bought, and every kid looks up to them. Kids (unfortunately) idolize celebrities who are unfortunately a cult of idiots.

If a gave a celebrity a movie deal I could get them to say whatever I want them to say to kids. But so many celebs come from bad places and they just want to help kids, so liberals can easily manipulate celebs to endorse liberals by promising better schools and better people.

A lot of celebs have good hearts, they just don’t have smart brains. They endorse liberals and literalism because they are told it will make America smarter and kinder. But that’s not true, from 2008-16 the liberals basically controlled America, and while they make what the did look great they made things worse.

Things they made worse with celebrity help were schools, and race relations. But they avoided these issues they made everything seem perfect. Race relations worsen, kids get dumber, and the worst part is that celebrities endorse not feeling sorry. There is no remorse.

The Democrats have taken our kids sunken their teeth into them and given them what no parent wants, a disrespectful, stupid, rude, money-is-everything and solves everything, brat.

All we can do to get back good, respectful, kind, Christian kids of all races, and all colors, to be friends is to get rid of celebrities influence. They have a good heart, but a stupid brain.

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