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Thoughts on the Trump and Stormy Daniel’s case.

This is an ongoing topic right now. Trump, Stormy, and much more if you keep reading.

When we get down to it at the bone the fact is that Trump fucked her. Him and Stormy did the beast with two backs.

The only thing that’s bad about it is that Trump cheated on his wife, but Kennedy reportedly had at least 3 separate women a day, and he was seen as a great president.

Stormy was a whore she knew what she was doing. And the fact that she hasn’t changed her life and still is a whore means we should not care what she says or respect her. Honestly I lost some respect for trump for cheating on his wife, I lost some more respect when I got a good look at Stormy and I thought to myself “your a billionaire is that thing the best you can do?”.

She’s just looking for more money. I heard shes suing Michael Cohen too. He paid her $130,000 to keep her mouth shut, and she signed an agreement. And now she is suing saying it was invalid, looking for more money.

In the end, no matter if she was intimidated or not like she claims. She fucked a billionaire, she took the money, then sued for faulty reasoning. She should just be proud a man like Trump wanted to be in her presence.

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