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Personal Stories: My aunts Drug Addiction

People influence our lives. Some are good, some are bad. Here is my personal story of a bad one.

Before you read this I want to note that this is a hard subject. It is probably sloppily written. Just please get the jist of it.

There are monuments and figurines in our life. The one thing they all have in common is they are all statues. Some are great monuments that have impact, some are small figurines that we box up and forget about.

If you cant tell by now statue is a metaphor. It means people, some have great influence (monuments) some have small Influence(figurines).

My story is of my Aunt. She was once important in my life. She over 10-11 years built herself up as a Good monument. But over the next 4 years had diminished herself to a Bad figurine.

It all started when she started using drugs. After the drugs her mind changed and she started going out with dirtbags who abused and beat the shit out of her, And I’m pretty sure terrified my big cousin, her son.

The drugs changed her worldview on life. She no longer respected me for my smarts she respected my sister for her idiocracy and “Style” she made her son insecure and rude. He over this course of time thanks to her developed what I believe was a type of anorexia. As the drugs got worse and she still had custody she got her son an X-box and she told him not to study, and he became stupid, got bad friends, and is now predisposed for drugs.

I didnt have “style” and didnt like the cool new trends so she lost all respect for me. It was hard to go straight from respected to disrespected.

And even after the drugs her worldview forever changed. She was no longer a good mom to her now permanently stupid son. She dyed her hair for “style”.

This was a hard time for me as she was my aunt she was a 10 year monument. And after only 4 years she had become a figurine the worst pit that could have happened.

The point of this story is that drugs ruin lives, your perspective on life, and your never the same. We are all a monument in someone’s life. It would be a shame for drugs to mould you into a figurine.

As I’m writing this I’m with my cousin on his couch. Its many years later, and I belive she is using again. If she ever stopped. Her life is down the drain, dont let your follow her down.

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