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Introvert instuctions: How to Make real friends

Friends are one of the most important things to people. Even to introverts, us introverts are shy, nervous, and prefer to be alone. But every once in while we might need a friend. So keep reading for now or just in case for later.

Why making friends is important

As an introvert I have often wondered things like “are they talking about me” or “why do they make fun of me”. The reason they talk about you is because they don’t know you, and that’s the same reason they make fun of you.

These are just 2 reasons why having a friend is important because it can end some ridicule, and the friend will probably talk and let people know how great you are. Another reason is because the average introvert is smarter than an extrovert, and you should open up as early as you can because some day you may have to go to big meetings, and events.

How to make friends

  1. This sounds cheesy I know. But be yourself, if they make fun of you know the difference between serious, and asshole.
  2. Create a name for yourself. Maybe you spend your alone time learning an ability almost no one else at that school has. Maybe drawing or internet hacking. If you showed off both of those you could get popular, but there are others.
  3. Dont hold grudges. Us introverts can hold grudges longer than most, but dont. To do this is very simple, you need to get revenge but do it like a week later and dont mention its revenge.

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