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How Trump Won while losing

Trumps losing. The Democrats I need to give credit because they constantly attack him, and slander him. But while losing publicly he does succeed.

“How can you win and lose, you idiot” I bet that what your saying right now. But I’ll explain.

While losing to the public eye, Trump maintains sanity, clarity, and goals in the white house, that would benefit, the border problem, African-Americans, and many more people, and areas.

Being the President of the great U.S.A isnt Bills, laws, and pardons. It drives people insane. While the left is making it seem bad that people keep leaving Trumps white house they avoid the fact that the same happened with Obama… in fact a lot of White house correspondents, and the such dont survive a whole presidential term.

So now to the point, how Trump is truly winning.

  1. He made America respected by showing we had the power to say “No!!! Jerusalem is the true capital of israel”
  2. There is immense economic growth, and jobs, and more higher paying jobs.
  3. The employment rate is up.
  4. He is putting sanctions on China meaning more U.S money, and a better U.S.
  5. Last but now least his by far greatest accomplishment that lead to ALL of his success as president, he survived ridicule, and an entire hateful political party when……… HE BEAT HILLARY CLINTON!!!.

But do the liberals admit to any of this, no. They dont even accept he won they still try and find Russia collaboration, but there is none.

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