5 Ways to Fuck with an extrovert

Extroverts are very ignorant. They dont know much so they try to get popular to make this their one great advantage. This is their WEAKness.

1. Listen to what they say. They lie a lot. So catch them in a lie. This will seriously mindfuck them.

2. In front of their friends prove them wrong. Like I said, their stupid. You can always prove them wrong then point it out it will liss them off beyond words. But be prepared they will attack you immediately after. So

3. Always have a Smart-ass comment at hand or insult. For every possible enemy have an Insult or 2 or 3 at hand. Then use it casually or to defend yourself, this will mentally ruin them, and keep you in their mind.

4. Point out their shortcomings. They are extroverts simply to gain so-called “friends” who are truly followers, they do this for protection because of their shortcomings, it gives more credibility to their words, so always learn and know their shortcomings so when the point out one of yours you can point out 2 of theirs, then have at least 1 extra back-up insult.

5. Very simple, very easy. Point out your triumphs. If they pick on you they see you as a threat, so turn their words, use them. Remember they think your better than them so have some confidence.
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