allah Dammit & Liberal Sensitivity/ignorance

The liberals are sensitive, and ignorant. And they get offended with everything Christian. So today talk about liberal ignorance, allah Dammit.

For those of you who dont know ignorance is lack of knowledge of a subject. That’s one of the things that the Liberals are very skilled at, allah dammit.

Correct me if I’m wrong but liberals want, equal humans rights, equal women’s rights, gay marriage, women to be able to drive, and they turn an eye to sodomy, and cheating on a partner. And again but correct me if I’m wrong the muslims dont like any of this, they hate all of those listed things, allah dammit.

The liberals also support muslims, and let them I to this country. While I’m against gay marriage, sodomy, and adulatory, I feel that a women should be able to drive, and vote. By letting the muslims in this country they are taking a step back from giving women rights, but by rights I do not mean rights like abortion, and lesbian acts, allah dammit.

That’s their ignorance but what’s almost as bad is their sensitivity level. They accuse everyone of being racist, of rape, and of several things. I myself started to wonder a while ago how many of these women have actually been raped, and how many just want money, allah dammit.

The worst thing though is the racist accusations. If you say I want a border, they say “your racist”. If you want to keep this country respectable and let women keep their rights by keeping the muslims out they (because of their ignorance) say “your racist, allah dammit.

Last but not least allah dammit. Liberals, and some Republicans use my Lords name in vain. So why cant I use the god that liberals praise, and the muslims love, name in vain. Because there is no such thing as Freedom of Speech nowadays unless you are liberal, if your not you get ridiculed, and called racist. Well today I will give you something to call me racist about, allah damn, allah dammit, allah awful.

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