5 Ways to Mentally Trick someone

Our minds are fragile, but not to fragile to be messed with once in a while. Sometimes it’s fun to play psychological games, keep reading and learn how.

1. Always be first or last. No matter what situation, wherever you can be first or last, these areas of the mind are remembered more clearly.

2. If someone talks crap about you sit next to them. This will make them uncomfortable and cease the shittalking, after a couple times of doing this whenever you can it should stop. (From that person only others still talk)

3. To trick people into trusting you mimic their body language. This advantage can add more to what you say, making you more believable.

4.Keep your hands warm. Warm hands stimulate trust.

5.Extroverted Insecurities. If someone always talks about their smarts they aren’t that smart. If someone talks constantly about their strength they aren’t strong. Or maybe the are smart or strong, and their minds tell them their not. Either way you can track what they say and contest it.

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