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The Rollercoaster Thesis & Algorithm.

Have you ever heard “life is like a rollercoaster” that’s a neutral phrase. Neutral is neither yes, nor a no. And this phrase is neither right now wrong. Read on and we will redefine it.

This phrase simply means that ALL life has EQUAL ups, and downs. That’s true because all lives have ups and downs, but its false that all lives have equal ones, the rollercoaster thesis, and algorithm, will show you to you how lives aren’t equal, and will show you how to make life stable.

The Thesis

There are healthy, and u healthy ups and downs, below we will prove this.

1. If a child is raised in an environment where they are idolized, and told they are above all others, they will become egotistical. They will keep on rising up on their own public, and personal rollercoaster, but soon they WILL have a fall. They will fall so hard they are kept down for a long period of time, if not forever.

2. If a child is raised treated like trash they will never have healthy ups, just downs. They will forever stay down, never rise, and will most likely pass this characteristic on and take down their kids, and will probably develop a life of crime.

3. If a child no matter the environment is raised told they are equal to all others, yet also told their caretaker loves them more than others, and no matter what, is told when they have done good (only occasionally rewarded), and always punished for bad, and is brought up with a Bible in there hand they will develop a sense of equality, good, and wrong, will also have courage, and trust in God, and themselves. They will most likely grow up, to be successful.


You heard the thesis now it’s time to hear the algorithm, also know as the problem solver. There is a way you can reverse your life if you were raised in the wrong environment.

Step 1. Read a Bible. Just read (even if your athiest, hindu, or anything else) The Book Of Genesis. You will learn a lot of what you need.

Step 2. Learn equality, and morals. We are all equal, no matter what we are all equal. Learn that. But dont encourage immoral things like sodomy, drinking, smoking, and drugs. Just because we are all equal doesnt mean we should encourage or do bad things, it might no affect your equality but it does affect your personality.

Step 3. Raise your children like step 3 of the thesis. If you raise your children good, it will rub off on you. Hence making you a better person because your child is.

Step 4. Dont be around people like step 1, but be around people life step 2, of the thesis. People like step 1 are unreasonable because of their ego so if you want to be with them wait until their big downfall. But people like step 2 need good friends, you bring them up just a little it will help you be a better person.

Step 5. Just dont be around bad people. That’s all and its obvious why.

The end.

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