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How to Join Anonymous & the Hacktivism community

A lot of people want to join anonymous nowadays, they like the idea of hacktivism, but so many dont know how to join. Read on and LEARN how.

This is a short article because it’s very simple. The answer is (Drumroll)………. you just do.

There are 3 main rules, dont attack media, dont talk about it, and not saying who you are. So basically you can only be an “Anon” if you believe what they teach and listen to these rules.

What they teach is very simple too. Anti government internet censorship, and non tracking websites. They just want the world to be free from any online constraints.

Their is one other small thing. Go online and troll. This will help get you into internet activism. But to join Anonymous and become a fellow Anon follow the rules, go online read research and make sure you share beliefs, and repeat after me.

We are Anonymous.

We Are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

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