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The Constitutional Problem With Lawsuits

In the constitution we are given many rights. Rights like owning guns, religion, and a right called Freedom of Speech.

In just 10 seconds you can risk everything, and with just on word from a judge you CAN lose everything. One of the most common lawsuits goes against our constitutional rights, Freedom of Speech.

You can get sued for using words that are deemed “Offensive” (But while we do agree you should not be sued for these words we do absolutely NOT endorse them) Its daily and common for a man (and in rare cases women) to get sued for using their right of Freedom of Speech, and it’s not uncommon for them to lose almost everything, or even everything.

And like I said we dont condone these words, but should someone lose everything they hardly worked for over 1,2, or 3 words. I mean haven’t we all done or said something we regret.

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