How to Determine How Much Power You Have In The World

In todays yesterdays and tomorrows world power will matter. That’s why us st the H2DI Group have determined a way to measure how much worldly power you have.

There are 4 things that you add together to calculate your earthly power read below calculate yours and list your power in the comment section.

Money Power

Sorry to say it but money CAN buy power. Some are plentiful in money power some aren’t. Add your money power down below

  1. Every $1,000 you have = 1 point
  2. Round your yearly salary to the closest thousand than take %10 of that and for every thousand add a point.

Buisness Power

If you dont bave a buisness skip.

  1. Every Employee = 1 point
  2. Add up your buisnesses yearly income (after taxes) to the nearest thousand (or million) take %10 of that and for every thousand of that %10 add 1 point.

Social Power

This applies to physically, and social media social.

  1. For every real world friend add 3 points. (Only good friends acceptional)
  2. For every social media follower, friend or anything else add 0.1 points.

Mind Power

I have some questions to ask you to determine this.

A. Do you have long deep thoughts about others, or worldly problems.

B. Do you see yourself as one above others, and often only consider yourself.

C. Are you occasionally self-centered but also caring for others at certain other times. Do you think about others, yourself, and the world.

Choose one of these you are most compatible with. If you said yes to A add 7points, if you said yes to B add 5 points, but if you said yes to C add 10 points.

If your asking why and how we determined these areas read below if not skip down until you see bold black letters.

If you said yes to A you care to much about others so you dont focus on bettering yourself, while this is good in some areas it’s also bad in matters of power.

If you said yes to B you have too much self love. You aren’t focused enough on the world to truly succeed.

If you said yes to C that’s means you love the world and yourself so you can try to fix both.

Adding it up.

Now add up your power. The average U.S.A power is 5-7 Money Power, 0 buisness power, 9- 14 social power, and 5, 7, or 10 mind power. Added up that means based on mind power the averages are 19-26, 21-28, or 24-31 power. So anything below 19 power is below average and anything above 31 is above average.

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