Why People in the Middle East Should Rebel Against Their Government

Rebellion sometimes is the only answer to defeating a totalitarian government.

In the middle east women are treated like pets, they are sold at auction, they are forced to cook and clean, and they dont they may be beaten.

If you show any opposition to the governments views on things you can be stoned to death, hung, or killed in various other gruesome ways.

But it’s all a choice. If the people hated these ways they could and should rebel instead of coming to America. They would have the people, and the weapons to do so.

What I personally think should happen is the women and children come over here temporarily while the men stay in their country and fight for a better life. Us Americans fought hard for liberation from the British. We didnt fight hard for others to leach of of us, we wanted to encourage others to liberate themselves, and that’s what the middle east people should do.

And the list goes on and one about how horrible things out there.

  1. You can get killed for almost everything
  2. You cant drink
  3. You cant eat normal foods
  4. You cant express views
  5. You cant follow any other religion than Islam or else you get killed
  6. A women cant be without a man
  7. Incest is common
  8. Kids are trained to suicide bomb
  9. Shit always explodes for that damned allah they worship
  10. Find the rest out by googling that shit, its fucking horrible, but they WONT fight and CHANGE it.

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