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Uncivil Politics Cause Murder

People can’t take crap anymore. There is no such thing as honest, nice, polite, politics, and that inability to withstand ridicule has gotten worse. And nowadays murder can happen as a result.

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Here in America people used to be able to receive, and give insults, they were just a part of life. Yet at this point in history we can’t take one but we still give them, obviously this causes problems.

It’s like this, there are 2 men each with a gun. The bullet can injure each man. One man shoots the other, but the other man is only injured and he crawls out of sight, alive. The injured man never recovers, and comes back for revenge, killing the other man.

This simply means that one person gets hurt, and never recovers so he wants revenge, and his choice of revenge is murder. The way the man gets hurt can be physical, or psychological damage.

How Politics Cause Murder (video available on bottom of page)

As I said before people get insulted may want revenge, and that revenge may be murder. I also stated that people get hurt easier nowadays. And some people get hurt by certain political views.

But it isn’t the Republicans who are being uncivil. The liberals get offended and attack. They attack in the media, and physically at rallies.

So many liberals get offended by closed border, and less gun control views that they go crazy. If you remember a certain case in New York city a women was pepper sprayed for wearing a “make America Great Again” hat.

So basically they get offended by our Republican views and attack us, 1 “black lives matter” activist killed himself in front of the Ohio state house, when he did this he hurt himself and made Republicans look bad to the public.

The liberals caused his death. They filled his head with irrational views, that made him think the world was terrible, and induced his suicide.

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