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Squatters Rights A Legal Inconvenience

Did you know that if you invite someone onto your property they can claim squatters rights? Allowing them to legally live on your property for days, weeks, months, or even years. Legally.

Squatters rights are kinda hard to explain without physically talking to you, but basically if you invite someone to stay on your property they can claim squatters rights. This means that you cannot legally evict them from your property without a court order.

Squatters can also claim vacant or abandoned homes, and stuff like that. And it’s very hard to evict them no matter if you do or don’t call the police.

In some rare cases squatters have been able to stay on there “claimed territory” for years, but days and weeks are more common, and I would be lying if I said “months are uncommon” because they aren’t.

So if as someone claims this your F.U.C.K.E.D it will cost you money and take you time to get them out. Not to mention how rude this is, I mean you let them stay on your property you dont deserve this kind of reaction.

And in some other cases squatters can gain legal control of the property. So if you own property far away and don’t use it a squatter can claim it, and may even be able to legally take ownership.

Click this Link to learn more about Squatter Rights.

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