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How You Can Help Take Down Famous Assholes Using Social Media

Do you see those famous assholes who constantly act like they’re above the world? I do, and I really want to let some of them know that they aren’t as great as they think they are. Well there’s 3 steps to take down Famous Assholes with social media.

Step 1 Ask Yourself Why?

Ask yourself why you want to bring them down, what did they do that was enough to make you hate them? Find this reason (or reasons) and use it as fuel.

Step 2 Gaining Influence

Don’t create a Twitter account or facebook page titled “We Hate (then whoever you hate)” that’s too obvious, and dont create an internet hate page. You need to gain influence before you can Express your hate.

To gain influence use social media like Twitter or create a youtube page or something like that. Create an online personality (even if it’s not really the real you) and get at least 500-1000 followers or subscribers before you start speaking your hate BUT do it SUBTLY dont mention it 24/7. If you do this you get a B.S label called “hater” that makes you lose influence.

Step 3 Explore Weaknesses

You will want to explore that celebs bad news and habits then stay on top of all news about them. I would say that out of every 5 bad things they do only report 3 of them as not to arise suspicion.

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