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Are you tired of celebrities abusing their power and interfering with politics? We are. So read the story behind our new hastag and help make it go viral.

The Story

So I was watching the news and I heard about a celebrity (whose name I will not give out for legal reasons) who talked crap about the president, but I just figured no big deal, right? Fast forward a month later and almost every celebrity is rioting protesting and hating our president.

Now I understand these are all rights we have, but dont infect the youth with your thoughts, let them find their way unguided by themselves. And I admit it would be different if it was equal 50/50 for and against the president, but it just didnt work out that way.

And it would also be different if the celebs actually cared but they don’t. For most of them it’s a publicity stunt, because you get more attention fighting, rioting, attacking, and lying than just sitting ideally buy and giving your opinion.

So the celebs should keep out of our politics and if you believe this then share this article and go all over social media and post #celebskeepout


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