How to Get Through Rough Times Without Talking About It

I don’t talk about my feelings. I’m honestly not sure if this contributes to all the recent “rough patches” I go through. But either way i have found out how to get through them, and now you can learn how to.

The 3 Main Things

In life for some reason their is always 3 reasons. There is always 3 ways to do something. 3 just seems to be a special number. At the H2DI Group we try to break the usual things in life, but this we cannot break.

  1. Don’t place blame. The only person to walk this earth and not judge was Jesus, all the rest of us blame everyone. However this makes us look back and dwell in the past making the current situation worse.
  2. Don’t lie to yourself. You know what happened and DON’T suppress it. Think of it as a learning Experience. If you lie to yourself and say It didnt happen you will probably make the same mistake again.
  3. Don’t Hate Yourself. Never start to hate yourself whatever happened was probably out of reach, sure what you did might have lead up to it but that doesn’t mean it’s your fault.

Curing it

The cure is simple and right under your nose. Wanna Guess? I don’t know your answer but chances are it’s wrong.

Listen very very closely. To disolve your rough patch you need to fill that patch with dirt. You might need money, maybe someone you loved passed away, I DON’T Know, I’m not you. Whatever it is you need to bring what you lost back in some way shape or form.

If you lost money or a good paying job make a plan to get back to where you once were. If a family member passed away become close with another family member, and when you do don’t consider that they may die too because you never know, I remind you at any second the end times may come you don’t wanna spend your life alone because only God knows how much longer you live. Whatever your rough patch is you can pave over it. But you must NEVER forget it, because you paved over it and carried on, but you did not replace what you lost, you just leveled out your life.

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