5 Words to avoid in todays sensitive America

I don’t believe that sensitivity is bad, but too much of it is. So here are 5 words to avoid, and prevent lawsuits, and other bullcrap overreactions.

1 “Fat”

If you grew up overweight then I’m sure you know that words like fat hurt, but it was never bad enough to the point we would sue. For most of us we got over it 10 minutes later.

2 “black”

While many African-Americans take offense to the word black some don’t. But the ones that do get WAY to serious so don’t take the chance.

3 “Faggot”

Do I need to explain? Use this word and expect a literal liberal riot.

4 “butch”

Much like faggot it can start a riot & lawsuits. (Tip also avoid the word “lez”)

5 “immigration”

Everyone has an opinion on this, and it’s my personal Experience that those against immigration will debate… but those for immigration will yell, scream, argue, abandon you as a friend, fucking riot like everyone else about everything, you know common things in 2018.


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