Make America Great Again Is NOT Make America White Again

“Make America Great Again” I dont see any trace of racism in this phrase. But millions of Americans do. Let me explain and debunk this theory in simple paragraphs.

The Left made up the “racist” accusations because they lost. It’s that clear and simple, and they saw that hat and made up crazy B.S they cant stand a president that tells the truth. They just dont like the truth they hate it, they repress it.

Donald Trump has no filters that’s why we love him. He doesnt talk around things he is straightforward and he is not racist, there is not proof he is racist, and no proof “make America great again” is racist.

If Donald hated black people then why is kanye West a fan of his. Much like Donald Kanye doesnt give a crap about what people think, because he says what he thinks. If Donald was racist I can Guarantee you that Kanye West would be up his ass and would be a constant enemy of Donald’s, he would not wear a MAGA hat for sure.

The date today (as I write this) is OCT 12th, and today Pastor Andrew Bunson was freed after 2 years imprisonment in Turkey. Do you know who helped free him? Donald Trump. What does this have to do with racism? Nothing it has to do with heart. Our president is not heartless, he is not racist, hence MAGA is. Not. Racist.