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Personal Stories: How Marijuana Helped Me

I live with Tourettes Syndrome, and it causes me to twitch, have muscle spasms, blink, and occasionally bite randomly. These did not completely stop, but they went down drastically after I started taking marijuana edibles.

The fact that I have tourette’s is not embarrassing one bit, it’s the twitching, and muscle spasms that embarrass me. I wanted them to stop, so I started taking chocolates fused with marijuana.

Very soon after this my twitching and spasms immediately declined, and it didnt just help with the tourette’s, it helped me just relax, and pardon my language but it helped me not give a shit. I have natural anxiety and I always think people are talking about me, after the edibles I started to not care.

Last but not least it helped me increase my happiness, get more sleep (improving my day), and I became a little more open and friendly. I mean dont get me wrong I love being introverted but now I have a little more fun at work.

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