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The Faulty Safe In Your Pocket

Your phone can do more than store photos, it stores personal information. We have come to make our phones a personal safe, what If I told you that safe was faulty?

It’s the year 2018 and we all have our phones with us 24/7, it’s become such a necessity that people are starting to lose them less often and protect them with an urgent sense of security. This means that what’s in your phone is safe from physical hands, but there are still millions of hands made of code that can steal what’s inside without you knowing.

We have all heard of hacking and every year, and we all hear of how much safer phones and other tech is. But in this world those who ask questions succeed, so ask yourself these questions “how much safer really has it Gotten?” “How can I secure it” “can I trust my phone?”. We will answer all those questions by the time you have finished reading this post.

How Much Safer Is It?

The new Iphone X can cost over over $1,000 a phone that price with all those gadgets can’t possibly fail, right? Wrong. The phone only stays safe as long as its 100% up-to-date, and As a former Iphone owner I know that most people don’t jump to the updates and immediately wait the 10 or 15 min.

I currently own a samsung android, but those aren’t any better at security. Do you know why? All Phones Come With A Possible Bug this bug goes by the name… google. It is not hard for a hacker to hack your email gain access to your google account that your logged onto on your phone and plant all sorts of malware, adware, and many other viruses.

So the answer is not a no, or yes. It depends on how secure your email is and what you sign up for with the email.

How Can I Secure It?

I would not be lying if I said there were a thousand apps that say “keep out viruses” and “protect your device” not to mention the most common word in these apps “pro”. You cant trust any of them no matter who endorses them. Less than a week after I downloaded one I was getting constant pop-up ads and my battery would go out in less than an hour.

So if not an app how can you secure your device? I answered this partially in part 1, but here are 7 tips.

  1. Always Update
  2. Word Password that is not birthday and hard to guess
  3. Secure email
  4. Dont download shady apps
  5. Dont visit… let’s just say graphic websites
  6. Dont use online chatrooms
  7. I dont care how “trustworthy” your friends are, dont. let. them. know. Crap.

So Can You Trust Your Phone

Honestly it depends on what kind of a person you are. If you sign up for everything constantly download apps and never update then no. If you act like an adult and use good secure passwords, and your secure with you stuff then yes.


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