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Personal Stories: A Love For Writing and its benefits

Whether it’s a book I’ll never publish or an article for Medium I love writing, and when you love doing something good it has benefits.

Writing let’s you get a though about what you think. When you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard what you truly believe comes out. I also get a sense of smarts, and independence knowing that I came up with that story and I did it all by myself.

Why I Love Writing

When I first started writing all that went though my brain was dollar signs, I admit I was very stupid thinking I could write a book in an hour and it would be a bestseller. Infact I personally dont have my own website or book, I write occasionally for medium, and other smaller websites like this one.

I came to love writing when I realized that i was in control. I could write a story about the most hated people in my lives and make them do whatever I pleased. It just helped me get out that anger I was harnessing.

The Many Benefits

Throughout this post I have named a few benefits, but I assure you there is more. I get to sleep better when I know that someone cares about what I have to say for once when I do guest posts for sites. I have a higher opinion of myself (not egotistical but higher) because i have done better than others and prevailed in it.

While money got me into it I didnt get any at first, then I applied and started working on Fiverr lending my writing skills. So far I’ve made quite a bundle of extra cash. I’m so much happier because I’ve come to enjoy and love it. I somewhat consider writing competition, and its healthy.

Its healthy to get out what you think, be happy, have peace of mind, and a sense of who you are. These are just some of the benefits and in the comments please list some more to add to mine, and the readers arsenal of knowledge of the benefits of writing.

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