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How to Control OCD thoughts

Someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder often thinks the same though over and over, sometimes that go through their mind for days, or weeks. It impacts how you live dramatically. Keep reading to learn how to control OCD thoughts.

Continue reading down below my 3 methods for getting rid of OCD thoughts

Method 1

One method is to find an action that clears your head. Actions that clear your head are limitless, from taking a walk outside to chatting with friends or family, more ways to clear your head are listed down below.

•Play a card game

•Get a pet and play and care for it

•Go to a public event

•Go to a movie

•Call and talk to someone

•Surf the internet on topics you enjoy

•Watch tv

•Go for a drive

•Instead of listening to catchy music listen to music that isnt catchy like Ozzy Osbourne or Tom Petty, you know something that’s good but wont get stuck in your head

•Go out to dinner with family or friends

Method 2

Relaxation is another way that requires almost no action but clears your head. Some things from the action choices actually fit into both categories like a movie or tv. All you need to do is sit in a chair read, watch something, or play on a phone, more options listed down below (some are from Method 1 Cause they fit in both)

•Make a call and talk

•Invite someone over to just hangout

•Play a card game

•Social media

Method 3

Devote yourself to something either part time or full time. You could get a dog and train it to be the best dog in the city, Start a Blog, or anything else that takes up time and you find enjoyable, and another good part is that these can actually make you some or lots of money. More options listed below.

• Find a career and research and move up the ladder in it

•Become a writer

•Breed animals

•Start an app

•Start a company

•Become an independent researcher

•Try to reach 1 million or more Instagram, twitter, or facebook followers
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