Keeping Your Blog Alive P1

For your boog to survive it needs YOU but you may lose interest and put a halt on what could be a world-class blog. Keep reading and find out how to keep interest and keep your blog alive

Let me start out by saying that as of right now that what every blogger expects is immediate traffic some expect it in the hundreds, some expect thousands, but here me say that those who expect it in the tens will survive longer. Truth is that unless you immediately start advertising your blog you wont get lots (if any) traffic at first.

So to keep your blog alive we will be discussing in this part increasing traffic how to do it and the commitment it takes.

Good Content

Have you seen how I’ve put some words in bold? That’s because I want to get my voice inside your head, I want you to hear me as if I’m on a stage at one of those raising self esteem rallies, people get comfortable when your talking to them one-on-one.

That’s just part of it though. You absolutely need good subjects and articles about interesting things. And at first your articles will probably suck, mine did, but don’t delete bad articles they raise your online appearance and may help get you more views in the future.

Another small tip is too include pictures, links, and whatever else you can add. But never overdue it.


If you have the money and you want immediate views and recognition then use stuff like Google Adwords. Or facebook ads, twitter ads Instagram ads. For a daily price it brings a certain amount of people to your site. And that brings me to our next subject.

Social media advertising for free. If you can tweet a certain number of times a day, or post a certain number of times per day, you can build up an online following. Just take 3 minutes every hour and tweet or post. We here at the H2DIgroup created a spokesperson on Twitter @setterrecord. That account now has over 70,000 impressions and roughly 1,500 followers.


Ask yourself this, “how easy is my blog to like, comment, and follow” someone may really like what you have to say but not be able to leave you feedback. On our blog you dont need a wordpress account or to be a follower of our to comment like most blogs, so please comment down below. We like good and bad comments and you should too, because they help you know what people want, and how they feel.

At the bottom or somewhere on here you should see a like button, first go ahead and tap that, secondly make sure that your blog has that. Remember views, likes, comments, anything helps keep up your hope and keeps your blog alive.

The last question I will ask you is “how easy can I follow your blog” at the bottom of my blog if you wanna check Is a blue follow button that you just press and BOOM your a follower, i suggest you experiment with that, then there is an email follower section too, and I wouldn’t mind you trying that either. But how easy can I follow you back?

So upgrade and improve your blog. Make it easier and with better content. The last thing I will say is that this is just part one, I will add a “how to keep your blog alive P2” in the near future, so maybe follow me so you can get that hot piece of advice, hey I might even get to “how to keep your blog alive P10”, and also like a post that you see follow someone you like, try to keep theirs alive while your trying to keep your alive.


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