Keeping a Blog Alive P2

A blog that dies early probably died early because of lack of good reviews like likes, and comments, and views. This is the second part of my advice to you. Not the reader, the writer.


I’m not sure if you’ve read P1 to this but before reading this I highly suggest you do. Or maybe your asking why I’ve written 2 parts on this, well it all goes back to P1 as I said good content and “not to overdue it” separating my work assures you will read it all and get all of my knowledge on the subject of keeping a blog alive.

The Topic

In P1 I mentioned keeping the ability to like, comment, and subscribe easy, well now I will teach you how to give those people the urge to make them want to like, subscribe, and comment.

Giving the urge to follow

When you see a really good video on YouTube how often do you like it? Probably a lot more often than when you like an article online like you enjoyed. I use wordpress, and for the most part the only time I get likes is when it’s from other writers, of other blogs, from when they see it in the wordpress reader section.

I get real excited when they like my because not a lot of people leave that feedback, I get even more happy when they comment. And after you like or comment I go and check out your blog, or website, and since you were reading my content that means your probably have similar beliefs. So I may follow you.

Giving the urge to like

I know that by liking a post people may visit my website and follow me or like me, but I don’t just hand them away like candy on Halloween. Most people like I said wont like, your main base is other bloggers. I have noticed that when I write about blog tips, or advice I get the most likes

(NOTE:Just because I get more likes doesnt mean I’m gonna write about blogs full time though I just do it for extra attention, consider It a form of advertising for me. Try it out, and dont forget to add tags and a category, or two.)

But for those people who do like to like and comment I would be sure to build up a base. Don’t just randomly post on random subjects, make like 5 different categories of what you write about, then fill up those categories. A good rule of thumb is to try to get 20 (I know that seems like a lot, but trust me it isn’t) posts in each category.

For the one in a thousand people who don’t blog who will like you want to make sure they can so follow some advice in this Link to make it accessible.

Giving the urge to comment

Much like liking make it accessible and easy but for comments you have to work a little harder.

To get a comment you either have to really offend someone or write the best post possible. The comment I received was “thanks for sharing nice information” but I think it may have been sarcastic because the post was why people in the middle east should rebel and I think he was from the middle east.

Other than that the only real option is to ask them to comment. But there is no real magic word, or action to make them comment. I mean big sites like cracked, and TMZ get thousands, but if your reading this than you probably don’t get much.

That’s all for this section, and please follow because I will add a Part 3 shortly. If you hav not yet please read Part 1. Thanks for reading.