The Democrats: Legal Vandalism & Riots

The Democrats name is synonymous with violent actions, mainly riots. Riots have changed over the years too. Riots used to have purpose, and meaning that truly meant something, now they are just about shouting stupid rants about knowing where you live, and vandalizing whatever they can get there hands on.

How They Used To Be & How They Are Now
Back when unions were formed is when riots started getting bad, I’m not saying unions are bad but they caused a lot of harm, and even the occasional death. Before there were unions it was even more violent, but we moved past that. Now we have liberals and we are slowly turning back to our even more deadly than union riots. It’s just about time we start killing each other again, oh wait according to the lowest form of life (liberals) police are killing people. So let me end this paragraph by saying this, and may it ring in your ears, and spew out your mouth Blue Lives Matter.

Legal Vandalism & Assault
If I was in your yard with say 10, 20, or even 30 people, and we broke your door, your window, threatened your wife, husband, or kids would you call the cops? If you did I could just say “hey I’m liberal” and I would probably get off scot-free. On the date Nov 8th 2018 ANTIFA protesters broke FOX reporter Tucker Carlson’s door. In fact his wife hid in a pantry and called the cops while they shouted “we know where you sleep at night”. According to liberals I’m wrong but that’s assault.

Liberal Encouragement
I see Republicans wanting Peace, then I see Liberals Democrats whatever you want to call them encouraging, and promoting it. If those liberals had not encouraged people to yell, riot, and Follow them in grocery stores telling them they aren’t wanted, this shit wouldn’t happen. I think the liberal party should be sued, and forced to pay millions in fines to everyone they have injured, or hurt in any financial or physical way.