Why More Young People voted in the 2018 Midterms

These midterms were in some sense record-breaking as more young adults voted than usual 188% more than in 2014, the question a lot of people are asking is why? Some say Democrats, some say Republicans, but who truly caused this voter surge?

In 2018 more young adults aged 18-29 (188% more) voted than in 2014, these are what we call millennials and they have a short attention span. They love watching chaos unraveling, they love it when what happens in a movie comes true, they are mostly liberal. With their short attention span they can easily lose track of politics. It is common for a millennial to never admit it though and riot for the liberal-left, then never actually vote.

So basically they need excitement, and a good fun time, not old-fashioned though because they want to be hip and cool strangely something people said in the 70’s. Who brought them this excitement? The excitement that made them vote? It was actually both the Republican & democrats. You see the Democrats started a wave causing ripples in our democratic pants, and the good ol’ Republicans tried to iron out the wrinkles, and fight them back. You can take that 2 ways: the Democrats started the “excitement” or the Republicans started it by trying to fight it. But no matter how you look at it, it wouldn’t be a possibility without both groups.

Taking Credit

Now that we’ve established that this younger voter turnout was an effort of both parties, and no matter how much I don’t enjoy Democrats & liberals and how far-right I am, I am a far-right do-gooder so I don’t steal credit like liberals. We’ve just gotten my views out of the way on this question, but what party will truly take credit.

To decide this we will analyze both parties in the next several paragraphs.

Analysis of Democrats

The Democrats have taken credit for the great economy even though we have a Republican (Donald Trump) President. They also endorse forms of violence on Republicans by saying to “kick them” and if you see them in gas stations follow and threaten them, but they take no responsibility for the crimes radical-leftists commit.

Analysis of Republicans

Republicans take credit for the economy their President created, they take credit for the stock market that’s risen since Trump was elected, key words: their President, of course we can take credit for what the President of our party does, I mean come on!?! We have a history of taking credit for our good, and our bad, but we don’t have very many bad moments, but if you watch NBC News then you must here of a million “bad, and horrible” things we do. The liberal-left news lies hence the name “fake news”
The Outcomes Unpredictability

I would love to say that the Democrats will take responsibility, and the Republicans won’t, but both parties are unpredictable. That’s part of excitement you never know what’s happening. Well we just have to wait for the next elections or major speech, so far its Nov 9th as I write this, and neither has taken any credit yet, at least not that I’ve seen.

Please when you see someone taking credit comment, but for now copy the link to your phone somewhere maybe even too a Facebook post. P.S if you share what we say we would love it so please comment and let us know if you shared it. Thanks For Reading.