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How To Use Your Potential

We all have potential, and that’s a fact. Some of us overuse it, some dont use it, some use it juuust right. Wanna learn how to use it right? Then read, please. (We need the money)

In 3 sections I will teach you how to use potential how to avoid overusing potential and how to use potential correctly.

Using Potential

Wouldn’t it suck If you had hidden potential that could really improve your life and you never knew it? Or worse you find out you have It when your lifes half way over.

To use your potential you need to find it. I’ve seen people who are expert drawers, expert animal whisperers, and expert food critics. Most of them have had these abilities their whole life but never knew how much potential they held, so I need you to list the 10 best things you can do on paper, look over them, and see which one most speaks to you and you believe has potential.

Now that you know you need to try and become an expert at it. Learn the basics even if you know the basics, you never know maybe you dont know something. After you have made that your expertise decide if you can or want to use it commercially for profit. If you can and want to then do. I know this all sounds bad but the truth is that only you know how to use your potential how you want to use it.

Avoid Overusing Potential

If you grew up with a younger sibling or siblings then I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “I’m better than you at this” its cocky, arrogant, and annoying. So I dont care if your the worlds best soccer player and your worth $100 million dollars, don’t brag like a 5 year old.

Other ways people overuse potential includes when they do it 100% for-profit. If you want something to have potential then you need first God, soul, mind, and body, then add the profit, or fame.

WARNING: Those who try to overuse their potential often fail, blow their money, or use drugs. They may also lose lots of friends.

Using Potential Correctly

As I said before only you know how to use your potential the way you want, how you want. There are some guidelines to help you though listed down below.

  • Try hard
  • Dont give up even if you see small progress
  • Never do it 100% for money
  • never do it more than 40% for money
  • Use 60% love, blood, sweat, and faith
  • Have competition and rivals
  • Have a goal
  • Dont make it your full life just make it a major part of your life
  • Do what you enjoy and love
  • Ask God for help when you need it
  • Be sure to always consult the pros

Potential is in everyone, it’s like blood. As my last note just remember these things don’t overuse, don’t misuse, and truly believe in yourself.


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