The Daily Paragraph

Month: December 2018

How to Secure an Android in 4 Steps

Here’s 4 ways you can keep an android phone or tablet secure, from tracking down a purloined phone & banishing android viruses, handling app permissions to lockup down apps. 1. Android phone or tablet encrypt Those desperate to secure their Android phone or tablet device will over probably have noticed the encryption choice in Settings, […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #4

Hello I’m R.S setter bringing you today’s daily Paragraph. The date is Dec. 31 st New years eve U.S News Elizabeth Warren Sen. Of Massachusetts is now officially running for President 2020. Will she win for the left? Well it’s to soon to say, but probably not. International News Vatican City The Pope’s spokesman, and […]

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How to Get a Virus Off a Macbook In 3 Steps

Cleaning up a virus infection? Think your MacBook is infected by a virus? Try these top three steps to get a virus off Macbook: 1. Monitor Activity If you recognize for sure you have put in some virus like an app or dodgy update that pretends to be something else then create a note of […]

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2,500 Words (or more) On 2018 & The New Year

I recently wrote What Christmas Is To Me In 1000 Words (Or More) and well it was kinda exciting. So to start of this article let me say that my goal is too have a 15,000 word article all done by the time 2019 is over. I want to achieve that. Even if nobody reads, […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #3

I’m Caden738 bringing you todays Daily Paragraph. The date is Dec 29th and Hawaii is great right now, except for Chuck Schumer, and that lady being here. U.S News Not much is in the news except for the government shutdown. With this being its eighth day of the shutdown President Trump is showing that he […]

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