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Youtubes Siren Song & Why To Avoid It

I have met a countless number of people who use YouTube, and upload videos, hoping to be the next star. While we can get famous with twitter, Instagram, facebook, and others, what exactly drags people to YouTube?

With 1 billion monthly users & 300 hours of feed uploaded a minute YouTube is one of the worlds most famous websites/apps. With those credentials so many people believe it’s the best place to make millions, and get famous. This is certainly untrue.

When you look through YouTube I’m sure that all you see is the people with a million or millions of subscribers. That’s a trick, or Siren Song, they use to lure you into their territory. YouTube wants you to see all the stars and make you aspire and try to reach that level simply so that you can enable ads and make them some profit.

Fast forward a month later and your still having trouble getting all those subs you hoped for, that’s cause millions of people just like you think the same thing about getting rich quick. The fact is you most likely wont get all that you wanted for, so instead of creating an account I suggest staying away, and just watching videos. Not making them.


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