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Personal Story: Man With 11 Pets

For today’s article we interviewed a former exotic pet owner, who at one point owned 18 pets, 7 of them exotic.

The 7 pets were as follows: 2 Prarie Dogs, 2 Fiddler Crabs, 2 Sugar Gliders, and a ferret. Our favorite quote from the man was

I should have known not to buy the prarie dogs when the lady had to use a 2-by-4 to put them into their portable kennel while she was wearing really thick leather gloves, probably incase they bit

Unfortunately that part was irrelevant and cut out of the interview.

We Interviewed Him Over Email, This Is That Interview

How Do You Afford All These Animals

I have a good job as a vet technician so I make OK money, and I understand most of how to take care of them, whenever I don’t know I just ask my boss the vet the next day

Do You Have Time To Give Them Attention

Yes. I give them what time I can, but when i can’t, I keep them in pairs of 2s they give each other attention.

How Many Pets do you currently have?

I currently as of now have 11 pets.

Any of them exotic?

If you count the Chinchillas as exotic then yes, if not then no.

What Gave You such a love of pets

I just love them. They’re kind, and loving.

That was the end of the interview with the man with 11 pets.


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