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How to Enjoy Your Life

As a human most of us have experienced jealousy, and it drags us down a dark path that makes us hate our life. You need to buck up & learn to love what you have.

I personally start wanting to live someone elses life when I see a CEO or owner of a fortune 500 company on forbes magazine. I want that power, and that respect. I know that most other people prefer a mansion, Corvette, and a 3 acre pool, but either way chances are that we aren’t gonna get all of what we desire, so we make our life the best it can be.

Find your purpose

Running our life to it’s full potential was always the goal since Adam & Eve. They needed to fill the earth, but us nowadays don’t necessarily know our purpose yet. So Step 1 Find Your Purpose. If you can find your purpose, and fill your day with it then you will love life because your purpose will make you happy, both completing it, and knowing it.

Be careful though, because if you find your purpose and don’t fulfill it you might have severe depression.

You can find your purpose by (this will sound cheesy) but ask yourself what it is. Look into your life and find what you enjoy, if you enjoy it then it’s probably your purpose. Or maybe you should just experiment with stuff, take a shooting, painting, sculpting, or some sort of educational class to see what you enjoy.

The biggest problem though as I said is people finding, but not using potential. So start a schedule & make it part of your weekly or daily life. Another good tip is to tell someone your plan and make a deadline having them remind you constantly, and make up some sort of punishment for every day you miss the deadline.

Loving what you have

Your parents probably always threw around the phrase “kids in other countries would love to have what you have” when you were a kid. Chances are that your parents were right.

What a tribal leader, or king whatever they’re called in africa lives in is nothing compared to whatever you live in, and they’re considered royalty. So love what you have.

If you do those 2 things, and just consider how great life really is, you will start to enjoy your amazing life.


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