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Personnel story: excessive paranoia

We all occasionally get paranoid, but this person we interviewed is excessively, and always paranoid. His paranoia has been described as “worse than that of a drug addicts”. Read the email interview down below.

How much does the “excessive” as you’ve called it, paranoia affect your life.

Well let me start out by saying, yes it’s very very excessive. It effects me in the ways that every single thing I do i have to check. I get wor6that is i dont check it then it will come back to hurt, or haunt me in the worst possible ways.

Do you have an example?

Just yesterday I was throwing away some paper I had drawn on. I was so paranoid that someone might have seen what I had drawn, and might have known it was me, that I took It out of the trash tore it up and stuffed it to the bottom of the garbage bin that the garbage men take with a broom. Then I cleaned the broom put it back exactly where I found it, and that was that.

Why exactly were you so afraid someone might see the picture you drew?

If I was ever an amazing writer, or drawer I would be too afraid to tell people. I would destroy what i did so that they didnt know I was good. And I was worried someone I know might see the picture, and see that I enjoy drawing. I dont even want people to know the thought of drawing goes through my head. I guess I’m terrified of any sort of ridicule, or hatred.

So you wont go for anything because your worried you might get made fun of.

Yes, that and I just want things to stay how they are.

What do you mean by that?

I dont want to be rich, or poor, I dont want to be popular, or unpopular. I’m right in the middle, and I enjoy it.

So tell me if I’m correct, you get scared people will make fun of you, and that drives you so paranoid you go to extreme lengths to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Yes sir that’s correct.

How bad is your paranoia

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to say–even though I don’t wanna say, but it’s a 10

Would you ever consider getting help?

I’m doing this interview anonymously, I don’t ever want people that I know, to know, that I have such bad paranoia. Why would I do therapy? They would then be sure to know?

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