Political Eye P1

Most Influential Beliefs

  1. Open Borders. Your average Democrat believes that our borders should be 100% open to whoever, whenever. How This Can Help. Cheap labor. How It Hurts. Most immigrants get on welfare, and can cost us more than we can afford, driving us even deeper in debt.
  2. Free Healthcare. Most Dems believe that we should all not have to pay for any sort of doctor visit. How This Helps. More money in the average Americans pocket. How This Hurts Us. Most people go to medical school for 6-8 even 10 years so that when they get out they can make 5 times as much as the average American, and live a good life. If we stop charging they’ll get paid less, hence less people will want to be doctors, and doctor school will take less time(cause of urgency for doctors). Meaning that our doctors will be less qualified, and what they do get paid, will be from the government, weakening our economy.
  3. Safe Injection Sites. They want sites where people can safely use heroin, with the help of taxpayer money, and the Government. How It Helps. It might save some lives. How It Hurts. They would use our tax money that should go to schools on drug addicts. Drug addicts hurt our economy. With less danger people might relapse, or start using drugs. Again it would cost us lots of money because there would be more drug addicts, and we spend money getting rid of drug addicts. So we would be spending money to get rid of them, then too keep them. Makes no sense.
  4. Abortion. This is something that some Republicans support, but it’s mainly a Democrat thing. There is no good in them. Only bad. And guess what planned parent hood costs us money.
  5. Gun Control. Most Democrats want-especially the young ones-gun control. This would mean taking guns away. But most criminals don’t use legal guns, they buy them off the black market. This woul NOT stop any crime.

Most Influential Acts

  1. Legalization Of Marijuana. People from age 16 to 95, smoke weed. While it is legally for reacreation only 21, and up. But lots of kids under that smoke it (or eat it) for medical reasons. It has greatly helped the US. It relaxes us, helps with cancer, it’s just awesome. But I won’t lie it can make you slightly stupid.
  2. Legalization Of Abortion. By now you should know I am no fan of abortion, it is very Influential, and very controversial though. Do I even need to explain? No.
  3. KKK. Yes I said that right. One of the worlds biggest racist hate organizations was founded by the Democrats.

4 Most Influential Dems Right Now 2018

  • Obama. He is no longer president, but he still gets a huge say in everything. He also is the world’s first black president, that kind of will set him in history FOREVER.
  • The Clintons. Not just bill, not just Hillary, but both. First of all Bills affair was highly controversial, and Hillary was almost Americas first female president. Then the email scandal, and they have probably the world most conspiracy theories about them.
  • Beto O’Rourke. He didnt even win the Senate race, and he is just a US representative, but somehow he gets tons of media coverage. Right now he is expected to run for president, and much more. He hasn’t even done much to affect us, and has no real power (right now at least…) but he is highly respected.
  • Elizabeth Warren. She claimed she was Native American, then she took a test, turns out she is 1/1024 Native American. This was highly controversial, and even the Cherokee Nation spoke out against her. Her and Trump are often Neck and neck, too.

Our Statement

What we think we’ve learned is that they are not afraid to spend our money, and they are on a scale of 1 to 10 of influence they are an 8. Mainly because of most celebrities are dems, and they are the most constant, and common party to riot.

Come Back Tomorrow For Political Eye P2 Republicans. Then The Day After That For Political Eye P3 Independents. Thank God, and Thank You.